'Live at The SWC' EP

by Renny Jackson

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Words and Music by Renny Jackson

Recorded live at 'The Songwriter's Cafe', Birmingham (UK) 2014.

Event hosted by Paul Murphy, recorded live by Robin Valk.

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released October 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Renny Jackson London, UK

Singer-songwriter and band based in London.


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Track Name: From the Heartlands LIVE

Well the rain falls in Birmingham
Gently on the roof
There’s a fire downstairs but don’t be scared
Stick together, we’ll see it through

This city’s like a metronome
Keep your finger on the pulse
We’ve been building towers of song
That are strong, stronger than most

From the Heartlands

Well the paint pots empty
At least the brushes were filled
And the bristles might be dry, I wonder why
But you know they’ll be wet again soon

In this festival of confusion
My friends have sung before
We’ll find a way through the damp dark grey
And when we sing we sing with soul

From the Heartlands

Well the rain still whispers
Though few people hear
Just you wait for that urgent escape
And we’ll be coming, we’ll be coming near

From the Heartlands
Track Name: The Longest Summer LIVE

I’ve been listening to the longest summer
Heard a chaffinch snap a twig in it’s beak
A crack of crickets, fidget by the road side
The sound of a train creak to the Mediterranean Sea

I’ve been weaving through the longest summer
A hustle busker got my work on my feet
The morning muses saying ‘Where’s your father?’
Between the butterfly and the bull I believe

When will that north wind blow?
Her breeze through my fingers and toes?
When will that north wind blow?
Her cold, cold breeze through your new red coat?

I’ve been cooking on an open fire
Fresh sardines and tins of kidney beans
Throw the spice down in with the oil
And a glass of gin when should we begin to sing

I’ve been drifting through the coasts and valleys
Missing buses, getting lifts from my friends
Never meant to I was just all hungover
Take 20 Euros and a song to make amends

I’ve been stealing all the tunes from the masters
Singing out on terraces and streets
On the corners for the tourists and locals
Counting shrapnel and the notes in between

I’ve been laughing, singing, fighting for my love
Summer came with almost nothing left
Now it’s going hurl this song against winter
Let me taste the sea and salt on your breath
Track Name: Peter and the Wind LIVE
Peter and the Wind

Gather round and hear my story
I’ve a tale that’s seldom told
Called Peter and the Wind
Known as the real outlaw

He was lying still in his bed
Sheets tugged up to his chin
Outside the Siberian wind
Determined to come in

The wind rushed up through the floor boards
Seeped in through the cracks
Scurried down the chimney
Tried to sneak in round the back

Peter pulled his bed sheets closer
As he shivered to the bone
I’ve never seen such a storm brewing he thought
And lay there all alone

I’ve marvelled at the termites
Gazed at beasts for hours
Read through scores of documents
Then fled my ivory tower

I’ve mused racked and pondered
I swear I can search no more
But do I see the light?’
As the wind beat outside his door

I’m not here for competition
Not here to outdo your score
I believe we are all able
To live with mutual support

Well the wind struck up her fury
Down screamed her soul
She battered, clambered, drew her teeth
Venom in her cold

But lying still in his bed
Peter could not be torn
The thought lit a fire in the hearth of his mind
To keep him sane and warm

So now you’ve heard my story
A tale for one and all
Maybe you can tell me
Who’s the real outlaw?
Track Name: Soledad LIVE
Adaptation of a translation of Lorca's poem 'Balada de la Pena Negra' from 'Romancero Gitano'