Pelicano E​.​P.

by Renny Jackson

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Live studio EP recorded at the studio where we rehearse in Seville. Originally recorded as 'Renny Jackson and The Unmade Road'. Rough and ready and lots of fun to make; hope you enjoy listening!


released June 28, 2014

Renny Jackson (guitar and vocals)
Salvador Daza (viola)
Jose Becerra (bass)
Manuel Pinzón (drums)

Recorded and mixed at 'TROMPETA VERDE ESTUDIOS' by Leo García.

Remixed and mastered at 'REC 21 Laboratorio Musical' by Enrique Mengual.




Renny Jackson London, UK

Singer-songwriter and band based in London.


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Track Name: River Roots
It’s like freshly cut grass
Damp from the evening drizzle
Or the smell of the bar as the landlord
Rolls down those cast-iron shutters

The smell of a pint of blues
You spilt on the dance-floor
Heavy residue
Of a freshly cut song under you palm on the bar

Take me back to the river, take me back to the river
To the roots where I come from
Take me back to the river, take me back to the river
I was born by a tower of song

Under the table
a crumpled pack of folk songs
In the ash tray
The stub of a butt of a country tune

And in the morning
Blistered fingers
And in the morning
I gotta twist that lingers
Track Name: Over Land & Sea
And we’ve been working all hours
And we’ve been screaming and shouting
We’ve been working all hours
We’ve been just roaming round town

They say that the seas all frozen over
I still dip my toes in the ocean
Though the sea’s all frozen over
I still dip my toes in

Won’t you take me the way back home
Won’t you take me the way back home
Won’t you take me the way back home
Back where we belong

And they cry ‘Over Land & Sea!’
All the way down Green Street
But through these London eyes
I sought new skies to seek

They say that the seas all frozen over
I still dip my toes in the ocean
Though the sea’s all frozen over
I still dip my toes in

On the back of a sugar pack
I found some words I like
‘Dreams are wasted
On those who only dream at night’

Tell me, do you feel alive?

‘Cause I do
Track Name: From the Heartlands
Well the rain falls in Birmingham
Gently on the roof
There’s a fire downstairs but don’t be scared
Stick together, we’ll see it through

This city’s like a metronome
Keep your finger on the pulse
We’ve been building towers of song
That are strong, stronger than most

From the Heartlands

Well the paint pots empty
At least the brushes were filled
And the bristles might be dry, I wonder why
But you know they’ll be wet again soon

In this festival of confusion
My friends have sung before
We’ll find a way through the damp dark grey
And when we sing we sing with soul

From the Heartlands

Well the rain still whispers
Though few people hear
Just you wait for that urgent escape
And we’ll be coming, we’ll be coming near

From the Heartlands
Track Name: Thinkin' Xtra

I wanna buy an amp
I don’t wanna be a tramp
I just need some money
To eat and keep my belly full

‘Cause all the studies you made
That were overpaid
Won’t get you a proper job
Even if that’s what you’re looking for

And now I’m thinking, thinking extra
We all need a little time
To get your thinking, thinking extra
A little thinking extra time

I’ve been busking on the terrazas
Playing for the gangsters
Hidden in the towns
Where x-army and con men go

Where there are dodgy old men
Who are covered in gold
With whores and drugs
And I searched for a drop of of soul

Bob Marley got me through
So did Ringo, George, Paul and John too
But when I sing I sing for you
Said when I sing I sing for you

I do, I do, I swear you know I do now!
Track Name: Six Eagles
Six Eagles

Words are like pearls they say they hide in the ocean
So I ripped off my clothes and dived in to find them
When I opened my eyes, the salt sea was blinding
And the rhythm in my head from the pressure was building

So I flailed with my hands, to grab hold of something
Kicked off the bed, headed straight for the ceiling
And just at the edge my body stopped breathing
I thought ‘Where are these words I’m supposed to be feeling?’

I don’t need pearls just a thought to believe in

In the tapestries they stitched and the wood that they carved in
Depicted the world as a full coloured marvel
Ravaged my eyes with their dreams and ideals
Stretched on the winds over thousands of years

So I picked up a pen and set about engraving
Words on a page to convey all these visions
Images of love and war with precision
Cast with an iron only love can keep molten

You are alive as long as your not forgotten

Lastly, they sang but first only shouted
Screamed and complained of the suffering around them
Captured in sounds that served to appease them
No search of fame just a wound to be healing

Then the forest joined in with the birds and their laughter
The spit of the fire, the sigh of the lover
And then when they danced they soared even higher
The moon shed a tear when the singing was over

Til they sang again;

‘Doctor, doctor! Please find a cure
In the breeze in the plants that you know
For the girl from the mirror of the sea
Send the eagles from where the witch sleeps’